How to Make an Internship Successful

Once an Engirlneer has an internship, she must understand that it is a professional job. Just because she is a student does not mean that she has free reign to act unprofessionally. I’ve known several interns who ruined their chances of getting professional references and a full-time offer because they didn’t act professionally. Some ways she can ruin her potential career at a company include:

  1. Not working her selected schedule. Employers understand that interns are college students, and may occasionally need an afternoon off to study for an exam or finish a project. However, if she has a set schedule with her employer, she needs to inform them when she will miss a day of work. No one wants to have an employee they can’t rely on to be there when she says she will.
  2. Not dressing professionally. An intern needs to dress for the position she has. If jeans are acceptable to wear to her office, then she can wear jeans. However, if her company requires business casual or business professional attire, then she needs to dress accordingly. Just because she is working an unpaid internship does not mean she should look unprofessional compared with her peers.
  3. Showing up unfit to work. College students are known for pulling all-nighters for various reasons. While looking tired (or worse) occasionally won’t hurt her career chances, constantly showing up to work looking disheveled will create the impression that she doesn’t value her career or have the fortitude to endure a hectic schedule when needed.
  4. Being disrespectful to other employees. I’ve known several interns who immediately felt that their knowledge from college courses meant they were ready for a full-time career and knew the ropes. They argued with those trying to mentor them, and created unnecessary tension. If an Engirlneer truly feels like her opinion is correct and she is being ignored, she should approach the conflict respectfully and truly try to understand the other party’s points of view.

A successful internship can pave the way for an illustrious career, and ensure an
Engirlneer has a variety of options to choose from as she gets older. Encourage her success in her future career to ensure a lifetime of happiness and professional growth.