Learn Skills Outside of the Classroom

Many employers now require entry-level employees to have skills they don’t or won’t learn in their classroom.  While much of this trend can be traced back to advancements in technology, the trend towards a student entering the job market with a vast wealth of skills beyond their degree is not limited to technological careers.

Where once a researcher would use paper and pencil to record their findings, often there is a program for that now. The trend towards technology is only one example where your engirlneer’s broad knowledge in many different areas can serve her greatly outside of the classroom.

We no longer live in a world where education is limited to classroom experience.  Luckily, there are many opportunities for students at every stage of their education to explore and learn new skills.  While it is important for you to instill a love of learning in your engirlneer, it is also vital that you encourage her to take control of her own future at a young age.  Help your daughter understand that she will need to take charge of learning new skills her whole life. She will be responsible for her career path.

One of the simplest ways for your engirlneer to learn new skills is to have her take online courses.  There are many free or low-cost options where she can learn business skills, such as using spreadsheets or creating word documents.  Have her watch videos that have been posted online by others through services, such as Youtube®, that show her how to do specific tasks related to a topic she is interested in. She could take courses about computer programming or data science, or even photo editing.

Another simple way for her to learn new skills is for her to enroll in day camps or afterschool programs related to something that will help her in the future.  Search for programs online, use your networking skills, or connect with local professional organizations.

You can also teach your daughter business skills that you know, such as typing or creating presentations.  Teach her how to use spreadsheets to solve math problems or create charts.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, simple tutorials are fine. Set a time each week for you to teach her something you know.  This not only provides invaluable skills to her, but it also allows you and her to connect.

The important thing about learning new skills is that it can help your daughter learn what she likes.  Maybe she thinks she wants to be an accountant, but after really learning more about it, she discovers she absolutely hates it. Maybe she discovers that she’d actually rather be an electrician than an electrical engineer.  Maybe she discovers she can apply her artistic skills to designing logos or other marketing materials.

By helping your engirlneer expand her knowledge and skills outside of the classroom setting, you are setting her up for success academically, professionally, and in life. Teaching her that learning outside of the classroom can have many positive effects on her life will instill in her a thirst for knowledge as its own reward, and that mindset and attitude will benefit her greatly.

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